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Spring Oolong Tea

Spring Oolong Tea stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of tea production. Its rich history, diverse flavors, and health benefits make it a beloved choice for tea enthusiasts.
  • Cosda

  • 75 g

  • 24 bags

  • 0.31185 cbm

  • 1731 cartons

  • 18 months


Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea that falls between green tea and black tea in terms of oxidation levels. The unique processing of oolong tea involves withering the leaves under the sun, oxidizing them to varying degrees, and then firing or roasting to stop oxidation.

Spring Oolong Tea specifically refers to oolong tea made from leaves harvested during the spring season. The spring harvest is often considered special because the tea plants have undergone a period of dormancy during the winter, and the new growth in spring yields tender leaves with distinct flavors. The flavor profile of Spring Oolong Tea can vary depending on factors such as the tea plant variety, growing region, and processing methods, but it typically has a nuanced and floral taste with a smooth and refreshing character.

Spring Oolong Tea

Product Description:

The Spring Oolong Tea originates from Anxi, the hometown of oolong tea.

Anxi Oolong Tea

Health Benefits

Antioxidant Properties

Loaded with antioxidants, Spring Oolong Tea supports overall health and boosts the body's defense against free radicals.

Boosted Metabolism

The tea's natural compounds are believed to aid in metabolism, making it a favorite among those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Mental Alertness

Moderate caffeine content provides a gentle energy boost, promoting mental alertness without the jitters.

semi-fermented tea

Spring Oolong Tea has a sweet and mellow taste. It is packaged in an independent triangular bag for easier brewing and cleaning.

instant Spring Oolong Tea

yellow and bright tea soup

tea with visible materials

packing for Spring Oolong Tea

Characteristics of Spring Oolong Tea

Flavor Profile

Spring Oolong boasts floral, fruity, and creamy notes, creating a delightful and complex taste.

Aroma and Fragrance

Its captivating aroma, often likened to orchids and honey, enhances the overall tea-drinking experience.

Appearance and Leaf Characteristics

The tightly rolled leaves, exhibiting shades from vibrant green to dark brown, signify the artisanal crafting of Spring Oolong.

Brewing method:

● Slow cold brew

Put a tea bag into the mineral water and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. The taste is very good.

● Cold brew

Soak in 30ML hot water for one minute, then add 300ML mineral water.

● Hot brew

Soak in 300-400ML hot water for about 1-3 minutes. If you like the thicker one, you can soak it for a while longer, or you can soak two bags together.

Popular Varieties of Spring Oolong Tea

Tie Guan Yin

Known for its floral notes and lingering sweetness, Tie Guan Yin represents a pinnacle in Oolong craftsmanship.

Dong Ding

Originating from Taiwan, Dong Ding Oolong captivates with its bold, fruity flavors and enduring aftertaste.

Ali Shan

Hailing from the Ali Shan mountains, this variety boasts a creamy texture and a distinct high-mountain aroma.

Appllication of Spring Oolong Tea

Our Spring Oolong Tea is very convenient to be drunk. People can enjoy a cup of good tea any time, anywhere. When you get up early in the mornining, you can have a cup of our Spring Oolong Tea to get the energy for the whole day. When you work tired, you can get a cup of tea to get relax. When you meet your your friends, Spring Oolong Tea is very good for you to sit down and chat with each other. Exercises also require our Sping Oolong Tea to get refreshing and balance.

enjoy Spring Oolong Tea

Relaxing with tea

leisure with tea

FAQs for Spring Oolong Tea

1. Is Spring Oolong Tea highly caffeinated?

Spring Oolong Tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, providing a gentle energy boost without excessive stimulation.

2. How should I store Spring Oolong Tea to maintain freshness?

Store Spring Oolong Tea in an airtight container, away from light, moisture, and strong odors, to preserve its flavor and aroma.

3. Can Spring Oolong Tea be brewed multiple times?

Yes, Spring Oolong Tea is known for its ability to withstand multiple infusions, with each steeping offering a unique flavor profile.

4. What makes Tie Guan Yin Oolong special?

Tie Guan Yin is distinguished by its floral notes and lingering sweetness, making it a sought-after and revered Oolong variety.

5. Are there any specific teaware recommendations for brewing Spring Oolong Tea?

Porcelain or clay teaware is recommended for brewing Spring Oolong Tea, as they help enhance the tea's aroma and taste.

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