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200W DC/DC Single Output Switching Power Supply

200W DC/DC Single output switching power supply used in automatic machine

  • CS

  • 8504401990

  • 199*110*50mm(L*W*H)

  • 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC

  • 5V, 40A ~ 48V, 4.2A

  • 70% ~ 75%


200W DC/DC Single output switching power supply

200W DC/DC switching power supply

Introduction of the Single output switching power supply

In today's technology-driven world, efficient power management is essential for the reliable operation of electronic devices. DC/DC power supplies play a vital role in converting one DC voltage level to another, enabling proper power distribution within electronic systems. When it comes to single output switching power supplies, selecting the right one is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your circuit.

Feartures of the Single output switching power supply

● High efficiency

● Compact size

● Wide range of applications

Description of the Single output switching power supply


 AC input voltage range: 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC

Line regulation(full load): ≤ ±0.5%

Output voltage adjust range: ±5%

short circuit: shut off; re-power on to recover

Output overload protection: 105 ~ 150%, shut off; re-power on to recover

Withstand voltage:I/P-O/P 1.5KVac 1min I/P—F/G 1.5KVac 1min O/P—F/G 0.5KVac 1min

Rise time: 50ms@full load(typical)

Hold up time: 20ms@full load(typical)

Operating temperature ,Humidity: -10°C~ +50°C,20 ~ 90%RH (non condensing)

Storage temperature ,Humidit: -30°C~ +80°C,10 ~ 95%RH (non condensing)

Safety standards: GB4943 EN60950

EMC standards: GB9254 EN55022

Cooling method: convection


DC Output

Load regulation

Ripple and noise

Conversion Efficiency





100 mV






150 mV






180 mV






180 mV






200 mV


* means DC input voltage, such as 24, 48, 110. etc.

200W DC/DC switching power supply size

Importance of Choosing the Right DC/DC Power Supply

Choosing the right DC/DC power supply is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures that the power supply meets the specific voltage and current requirements of your circuit. Selecting an incompatible power supply may result in system malfunctions, component failures, or even safety hazards. Secondly, an efficient power supply minimizes power dissipation, reducing energy waste and improving overall system efficiency. Lastly, the right power supply should provide adequate protection features, ensuring the safety and reliability of your circuit.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a DC/DC Single Output Switching Power Supply

1. Output Voltage and Current Requirements:

Determine the specific output voltage and current levels that your circuit requires. It is crucial to choose a power supply that can deliver the necessary voltage and provide enough current to meet the demands of your application.

2. Efficiency and Power Dissipation: 

Look for power supplies with high efficiency ratings. Higher efficiency means less energy is wasted as heat, resulting in lower power dissipation and improved overall system efficiency.

3. Input Voltage Range:

Consider the input voltage range that your circuit can accept. Ensure that the power supply you choose can operate within this range to maintain compatibility.

4. Size and Form Factor: 

Evaluate the available space and physical constraints of your application. Choose a power supply with a size and form factor that can fit comfortably within the designated area.

5. Protection Features: 

Check for built-in protection features such as overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown. These features safeguard your circuit and prevent damage from unexpected voltage spikes, excessive currents, and temperature fluctuations.

● Noise and Ripple: 

Excessive noise and ripple in the output voltage can interfere with the proper functioning of your circuit. Select a power supply with low noise and ripple levels to ensure stable and clean power delivery.

● Thermal Management:

 Efficient thermal management is crucial to prevent overheating and maintain the reliability of your circuit. Consider the power supply's thermal characteristics, including its maximum operating temperature and any cooling mechanisms it offers.

● Reliability and Longevity:

Choose a power supply from a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable and high-quality products. Consider factors such as the manufacturer's track record, certifications, and customer reviews.

● Cost: 

While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it is essential to consider your budget. Compare the features, quality, and performance of different power supplies to find the best balance between affordability and meeting your requirements.

Tips for Choosing the Right DC/DC Single Output Switching Power Supply

To simplify the selection process, consider the following tips:

1. Understand your circuit's power requirements thoroughly.

2. Consult the datasheets and specifications of different power supplies.

3. Seek recommendations from trusted sources or industry experts.

4. Read reviews and feedback from other users.

5. Consider the long-term availability and support from the manufacturer.

6. Take into account any specific environmental or application-related factors.

By following these tips and considering the key factors mentioned earlier, you can make an informed decision and choose the most suitable DC/DC single output switching power supply for your application.

FAQs of the DC/DC Single output switching power supply

1. Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are manufacturer, and we produce Stepper Motor& Stepper Motor Driver,  Switching Power supply, Short Cycle Press Line and other automatic machines.

2. How to select models?

Before purchasing, please contact us to confirm model No. and drawings to avoid any misunderstanding.

3. Do you offer OEM & ODM service? 

Yes.We can supply OEM&ODM and make customized design for any specific application.

4. How can we know the product quality?

We suggest you ording a sample. And you can also send us email with detailed photos and specifications for checking if you cannot get enough information in the product page.

5. What's the delivery time?

Except special order.For samples usually 10-14 working days .For batch order .Usually 17-25days. For Stock motors usually 1~2 days.

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